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Independence for Independents


the optical foundry 

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The launch of The Optical Foundry finally occurred in July of 2019.  That is when critical mass was achieved to be able to call the newly formed entity an entity of substance.


Rob Rich, its architect, had a goal: create a platform to house a diverse portfolio of independent optical brands that could be relied upon as a trusted partner for the independent three O’s (Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists).  The concept would allow this group to adequately fill their dispensaries with a broad portfolio of products that fulfilled many needs.  A dispensary needs to have many different brands, with discernable differences in price point and style that can offer many options to a broad base of patients and customers.  All of this needs to be done with original, in-house design teams and with a commitment to the highest quality of production at the most economical price. 


Rob’s observation of the current state of the industry is that most of the relevant companies that offer a portfolio of products to these accounts, are generally of much larger size and have segments of their business that directly compete with their customers.  It’s a conflict of interest that many of the three O’s continue to ignore, but as each day passes the danger to them becomes more apparent and can no longer be ignored.  He wanted to create an entity that had no other ulterior motive other than the Foundry’s customers’ success.


He coined the phrase “Independence for Independents”.  This truly is at the heart of the Foundry’s mission.  We have loyalty to the independent three O’s and they will hopefully give their loyalty to us.

In 2024, the Optical Foundry is continuing our investment in fellow independent businesses, expanding our network of collaborators to include technology innovators. Having experienced the transformational power of augmented reality and virtual rendering, we are passionate about ensuring other forward-thinking companies have access to these resources. Creativity and passion inspire us in all that we do, and we strive to uplift the unique and visionary companies out there.

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